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Being a Better VMS/MSP Partner

December 8, 2017
This year, we had the great pleasure of attending Staffing Industry Analysts, Healthcare Staffing Summit.  Owners and executives of healthcare staffing agencies all over the world come here to talk about their experiences over the last year and listen to...
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Transparency: What It Means & Why It Matters

I see the term “transparency” thrown around a lot these days on social media when it comes to healthcare staffing companies and their travel nurses or travel healthcare professionals.  So let’s talk about it.   The Merriam-Webster definition of transparency...
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Facebook Recruiting-Friend or Foe

I have mixed emotions about Facebook recruiting for travel nursing.  After joining several groups out there, I find myself rapidly unsubscribing from notifications or unfollowing altogether.  There are still a few that do offer very valuable information to both the...
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Maintaining a Mental State of Success in Recruiting

June 7, 2017
Chris Madrigal
Whether its your first couple days on the floor or a seasoned recruiter…it’s not more than a few experiences, perceived let downs and then all of a sudden the dreaded sense of failure, frustrations and doubt begin to creep into...
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Explaining Nurse Pay Packages-Have You Had the “Bucket” Talk?

How many times have you seen or heard about all the pay packages that your competitors offer?  How your pay package doesn’t have this or that?  Do you feel like a salesman when you have to try and find a...
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Painting a New Picture:A Strategy for Developing Your Candidate’s Plan B

In today’s Healthcare Staffing Industry, it is easy for recruiters to be order-takers.  By order-takers, we are referring to those that talk with their potential candidates about money and location and stop there in the recruitment process.  With the access...
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What, Not Yes

May 9, 2017
Rich Smith
I like to read. Always have. It’s a way for me to turn off all the other noise and focus. Plus, I believe if you aren’t learning you aren’t growing. And I never want to be in that position. LinkedIn...
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Perseverance Is Key To Success For Exceptional Recruiters

One of the greatest attributes a successful recruiter possesses is perseverance. A lot of us learned this from playing sports when we were young. Some learned it from challenges faced early in life; growing up in a poor household; dealing...
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Goals-Setting Them and Hitting Them

How many of you in Healthcare Staffing have weekly or monthly goals you are expected to hit?  My guess is every one of you.  Part of being a recruiter or client manager in our industry is taking an active role...
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