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Recruiters and Travel Nurses Have One Thing In Common

“You must not lose faith in humanity.  Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” Mahatma Ghandi If there is one thing that we have all shared in this...
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5 Responses for Travel Healthcare Recruiters When the Pay Isn’t ‘Enough’

Travel healthcare recruiters have a lot of jobs to choose from right now for their prospects. But, often prospects have very specific demands when it comes to an assignment. If you find the perfect fit for your prospect but the...
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Travel Healthcare Recruiters: Eliminate “Time Sucks”

  A skill shared by successful recruiters in the healthcare staffing industry is the ability to differentiate when you have a legitimate shot at securing a contract for a prospect and when you do not. The reality is…some will…some won’t,...
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Be a Super Recruiter in 2017

Starting out in the industry as a new recruiter can be challenging. Veteran recruiters have made hundreds, even thousands, of contacts and have an extremely large reach in comparison to the newbie just getting started on the phones. But in...
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Don’t Be Afraid of the No’s-Win or Learn

So many people in sales are afraid of the “no”s and the “losses” in their business.  Sometimes it’s because they have weekly or monthly goals they are expected to hit and it can cause stress on their work.  Other times...
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Self Awareness Is One of the Greatest Traits a Person Can Have-Who Are You?

    Self awareness is one of the greatest traits a person can have.  Being self aware means that you are very conscious of your strengths, weaknesses, feelings, motives, etc.  Oftentimes, the more self aware one is, the better communicator...
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Great Initial Conversations But Your Prospects go MIA?

What are some ways to guarantee your prospect answers that second scheduled call? So many recruiters have found themselves in the following position:  You have a great conversation with a nurse. She tells you she wants to move forward and...
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Addition By Subtraction

Addition By Subtraction I read an interesting article the other day on that talked about the theory of addition by subtraction.  In short, it was encouraging managers and owners to rid their teams of its negative members who drag...
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Are Voicemails a Waste of Your Time?

Do you feel like leaving a voicemail is a waste of your time? You’re not alone. I’ve worked with many recruiters who’ve expressed this belief to me in confidence. But, maybe how we use voicemail needs to change in 2017. The truth...
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