8 Secrets to Help Your Candidates Get the Job They Want

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By: Shari Dalton

April 26, 2019

By: Kyle Sandsmark

The healthcare job market is very competitive and standing out in the job search can be hard. As a recruiter, you play an important role in helping your candidates get the job they want. You are the person candidates lean on for support, guidance, and direction. To ensure you are continuing to do the absolute best for your candidates, be sure you read these 8 secrets to help your candidates get the job they want.

Build Trust

Trust is everything between recruiters and candidates. As a recruiter it’s important you ask yourself these questions: Do your candidates trust you? Do they feel like you have their best interests in mind?

Building trust with your candidate will keep them from looking elsewhere and help them get the job they want. With the candidate’s experience becoming more important than ever, it’s key that as a recruiter you put yourself on the other end of the table to look closer at how your candidate is being perceived.

Follow these ways you can build trust to help your candidates get the job they want:

  1. Be Transparent Throughout the Hiring Process. Transparency is critical between recruiter and candidate. A recruiter who is open and honest about the upsides and more importantly, the downsides of a position, will go far with their candidate.
  2. Ask Candidate for Feedback. Two-way communication is a great tactic to build trust with your candidates. All signs might point to you being awesome, but you can’t be sure if you don’t ask. There are plenty of ways to create your survey, whether you use a source or just email them questions looking for answers, the key is start asking questions.
  3. Communicate Clearly On Time. There are several points throughout the process that a candidate needs quick and thorough communication. It all starts with confirming that their application has been received. Be sure you set expectations with your candidates that communication needs to be clear but quickly. And that they need to respond quickly back to you as well so when you get an offer they need to act quickly.

Prepare Your Candidates for Every Opportunity

Practice makes perfect. As a recruiter, it’s important your candidates are ready for every opportunity. The worst thing a candidate can do is to phone in an interview and then they begin creating bad habits. Follow these tips to prepare your candidates for every opportunity and help them get the job they want:

  1. Give Your Candidate Constructive Criticism. As a recruiter, you cannot be afraid to have difficult conversations with your candidates. Conversations don’t have to be personal. Instead, frame these points so that your candidate feels as though they are a standard part of your due diligence process.
  2. Prepare For The Interview. As a recruiter, you have some great insight that you need to share with your candidate. You can speak with Account Managers or know what hiring managers and facilities are looking for. This will give the candidate a better idea of what to expect and help them to prepare answers that are more likely to appeal to the facility.
  3. Prepare For An Offer. If your candidate does a great job during the interview, it’s possible they could receive an offer. Be sure you and your candidate discuss if an offer is made, what next?

Listen To Your Candidates

As a recruiter, you might have your own ideas about what assignments are right for your candidates. And while that is great that you have an idea, be sure you listen to what they want.

  1. What’s Important To Your Candidate? Most candidates have an idea of what they are looking for in their next assignment. If your candidate has that list, be sure you as a recruiter write that list down. If your candidate is new to healthcare staffing, challenge them to determine what they are looking for. As a recruiter, if you listen to what they are looking for, you will be able to be laser focused on what to find for your candidates.
  2. Have A List of Backup Assignments. As stated from the very beginning, the healthcare industry is very competitive. Your candidate might have their ideal assignment, but it’s important that as the recruiter, you work with your candidates to have a list of backup assignments. The worst thing that can be done is if you pass on an assignment and the next ones don’t come. If you have the list of backup assignments, you and your candidates will be prepared for the offers as they come in.

Kyle is the Marketing Manager at Host Healthcare with 15 years’ experience increasing brand awareness, acquisition, and conversion for companies. He is a born and raised San Diegan. When he’s not working he enjoys being outside, whether that is going to the beach, hiking, or playing sports. Kyle can be reached at 858.229.0178 and ksandsmark@hosthealthcare.com.

Host Healthcare is an award-winning healthcare staffing company focusing on travel nursing, therapy, and allied professionals. Our vision is to exceed the expectations of our healthcare professionals by offering unparalleled service. In doing so, we hope that our company will enhance the well-being of the communities that we serve. If you are interested in learning more about Host Healthcare, visit https://www.hosthealthcare.com/

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