Stay Ahead in The Healthcare Staffing Industry With Mentoring That Builds Your Potential.

Decreasing bill rates. Contract cancellations. Scarcity of qualified employees. Let’s face it: healthcare staffing is a challenging industry.  To stay competitive, you need to maximize your strengths. But with nearly an unlimited number of areas you can focus on, where do you begin?

Our expert-designed mentoring programs are 100% customized and tailored to fit your needs.  We identify strengths and areas of opportunity to increase your overall success in your role.  We offer a “per seat” model which allows businesses to rotate staff at one flat monthly fee over the duration of a 6-month subscription.

How does Mentoring work?

You will meet with a Moxie Coach for an initial 30-minute introductory call. During this call your coach will ask you a series of questions designed to gain an understanding of your present situation and what you’re hoping to achieve through coaching. Your Moxie coach will then develop a coaching plan and work with you over the course of your program to get you on a path for achieving your desired results. Each coaching session will generally last up to 30-minutes and can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you (schedule permitting).

Mentoring FAQs

What kinds of topics have you covered in individual mentoring?

There’s almost no topic that we can’t handle-from eliminating performance roadblocks, to getting organized, to setting and achieving goals, our coaches have all been in the trenches and walked in your shoes.  We can mentor you through any situation to help you achieve your goals.  

What types of group mentoring would benefit my team?

A few examples of how clients have benefited from Moxie’s group mentoring programs include: big plans for an upcoming quarter and they want to upskill their team; the team isn’t responding to leaderships attempts to improve performance and motivate the team; the team’s productivity needs a boost; the team is struggling with an abrupt change in market conditions.  Listen, if you have kids, you know that sometimes, they just need to hear it from someone else.  Let us be that someone else.  Oftentimes, we don’t say things much differently than you do, but it helps to hear it from someone else. 

Can you customize sessions?

Always!  We know that every agency is unique and no session is one-size-fits-all.  We want to know as much as possible about your team before we begin mentoring with them so we can customize our approach and strategies to help them meet the moment. 

Can I attend coaching sessions with my team?

Sure! You’re paying for it. But, if we’re being honest, your employees are going to be much more candid with us without you there.  And we’ll be able to get to the root of the issues much quicker if we don’t have to read between the lines. 

What roles does your mentoring program apply to?

Moxie’s individual mentoring program is designed to help healthcare staffing professionals from all parts of the business, including recruiters, account managers, leaders, and compliance & credentialing specialists.

Are mentoring sessions virtual (on-line)?

You bet!  Isn’t everything these days?  We are good with a simple phone call too. 


Registration can be completed online here. Our program is designed as a “per seat” model. Simply purchase the number of seats you wish to reserve for the 6-month subscription period and assign the seats to the individuals you wish to enroll. Or, if you’re signing yourself up – simply enroll in the 6-month program.

Coaching Services

Moxie Love

What our partners are saying about Moxie:

“Prior to the introduction of Moxie Mentoring’s travel nurse training curriculum, we had a lack of consistent, measurable training across our various locations. Since the beginning, Moxie has done a fantastic job in helping us to deliver a scalable, yet hands-on approach for onboarding our new travel nurse recruiters. They have been incredibly collaborative in their approach to ensure our organization’s recruiting philosophy, performance expectations, and culture are reflected in their program and our new hire’s professional development.

Because of Shari and Adam’s years of experience in the travel nursing industry, they were able to design a clear, practical approach to performing the work with real-life examples and best practices that resonate with our recruiters. They are seen as trusted, credible experts by new and tenured recruiters alike across our travel nursing divisions.

In short, Moxie Mentoring has helped give our new hire orientation the structure, scale, and approach necessary to quickly ramp recruiters from “new” to “productive”.”

Cole Reller, Primetime Healthcare, LLC

What our partners are saying about Moxie:

“One of the biggest challenges that you have as an agency is training your recruiters.  With rapid expansion, replacing turnover is something that takes place constantly.  Yet, the worst thing is to take your top recruiters and take them off the desk to do the training, so what do you do?  The alternative is bringing in professional trainers, that’s great but after they leave after a couple days, you’re stuck holding the bag. So, I was so excited to see the Moxie Mentoring professional online training modules.  WOW! They have solved a problem that the industry has had for years!”

Cynthia Kinnas, Founding Board Member, NATHO

What our partners are saying about Moxie:

Moxie Mentoring has been instrumental in improving out training program and ramp up speed of our new hire training classes.  By utilizing their online training platform we were able to successfully continue our growth initiative even during the pandemic.”

Jason A., COO, OneStaff Medical

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