Let It Go-Stop Allowing Beliefs to Limit Performance

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By: Shari Dalton

January 4, 2018

By: Shari Dalton

In the words of Elsa, in a song I’ve heard too many times to count…let it go, let it go.  I’ve been coaching recruiters and account managers in healthcare staffing for about a year now and something that I run into more often than I wish I would is something referred to as limiting beliefs.

Limiting belief is a term which refers to the acceptance of an idea about ourselves that inhibits our performance and sometimes cripples our personal and professional lives.  I see it more often in women and it’s truly bothersome.  Often these beliefs were instilled by previous employer or sometimes they can go back to childhood.  Something that was said or done that has a lasting emotional impact on us.

Often times, these limiting beliefs begin to validate themselves on a subconscious level.  We perceive the actions of others as a result of these beliefs and it further validates them.  These beliefs become immune to logic and tend to absolve them from responsibility.  For example, you don’t feel like you have what it takes to make a good leader or manager.  You continue to get looked over for leadership positions and you see this as validation.  But the truth is, you don’t take an active role with opportunities to lead even with your team.  You’d likely be very good at it, but you don’t put yourself out there.  You’d rather stay in your comfort zone.

These beliefs often impact their levels of strength and confidence in the job.  Those who suffer from limiting beliefs often have a more difficult time closing their travelers on jobs and can even sabotage themselves during the qualifying phase because they don’t feel like they have the right to ask probing questions or push to get answers to the questions they know they need in order to create a solid foundation in relational sales.  For account managers, it can often result in a fear of getting on the phones with this hospitals-especially if they have to engage with someone higher up on the chain.

Those with limiting beliefs often feel like others work harder than they do, or are better at the job than they are.  They feel like they can be successful but are fearful about sustaining that success.  They believe they’re not good enough or smart enough or even original enough to be great at this job.

What others think about you is only true if you allow it to be.  Beliefs are not always truths!

I’m here to tell you that most people, especially women, can make incredible recruiters or account managers.  They have an inherent ability to connect with people and are compassionate and empathetic.  But you have to allow yourself to be good at this job.  Get out of your own way!!!

Here are a few tips:

Take some time to ask yourself questions to uncover this belief. You may find several, but only work on one at a time.Once you have identified a limiting belief, identify where it came from.Identify the impact it has had on your personal and professional life.Use your imagination and think about what life would be like without this belief.Form a new belief in it’s place.Act as if this new belief is true. Hold yourself accountable and each time this old belief tries to rear its ugly head, replace those thoughts with this new belief.

“You’re good enough.  You’re smart enough.  And doggone it, people like you.”  Thanks Stuart Smalley!  But truly, let that shit go, and become the employee you are capable of being.  And if you’re having trouble, feel free to call us!

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