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By: Shari Dalton

May 27, 2019

By: Anthony Hudson

I see it all the time with recruiters starting out in the healthcare staffing industry.

They get on the phone and start having a great conversation.  They start with small talk and a few laughs to build trust.  They ask about what has the potential traveler interested in “Hitting the Road”.  Then before you know it when the initial small talk dries up the recruiter feels the need to start feature vomiting all over their prospect.  As recruiters and salespeople we hate the awkwardness of radio silence so instead slowing down and asking questions, the recruiter tries to strong arm the conversation by speaking about all the great things their company provides.

Have you ever caught yourself saying these?

“Our company offers 401k match”

“We have day 1 insurance”

“Our company has over one thousand open jobs in our system”

“We have company provided housing”

“We have a great reputation and excellent reviews”

The list goes on and on.

Don’t get me wrong, all these “We” items have their importance but this is not going to make you stand out as a recruiter.  The best recruiters sell themselves.

Each recruiter is unique and an extension of their company but ultimately a traveler is going to work long term with a recruiter they know, like, and trust.

A recruiter will stand out from the crowd by simply switching their wording a little bit:

“Here is what I am going to do for you” vs. the “this is what we have at ABC company”

“I have Job A, B, and C that will all be a great match for what you are looking for” vs. “We have these jobs, do any of them interest you?”

So if you are just getting started in the industry or maybe setting foot on the struggle bus (we have all been there), a change in wording in your dialogue can go a long way.

On top of that knowing what value and individual strengths you are bring to the table and knowing how to highlight those based on what your candidate has told you is important to them is key.

Always ask your candidate what is important to them in a recruiter.  They will give you the key to the city and you can mold your strengths around what is important to each traveler and how you are going to make their travel adventure dreams come true.

About Anthony:

I have been a healthcare recruiter for 4.5 years. My biggest passion is educating new travelers on the potential that travel nursing brings when it comes to their career and financial goals.  I love putting a plan together to set them up for success.  I also enjoy coaching and training other recruiters how to become successful in this industry.  I am also a family man.  I have been married for 13+ years to my amazing wife Kylee, and we have 3 daughters, Sawyer (8), Lyla (3) and Penelope (3).  Everyday is a new adventure with them and I love it!

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