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Are your recruiters prepared to compete for top healthcare talent? The success of your company depends on efficient recruitment. At Moxie, we have the solution. 

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Account Manager/Business Development

There is a race underway to gain market share. Are your account management and business development teams ready to compete? The industry won’t wait for those who fall behind.  So where do you begin? With Moxie. 

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Are your leaders inspiring performance? Or are they constantly reacting and managing their teams?  Great sales performers don’t always make the best team leads or managers, but Moxie has the answer! Ready to transform your leadership team?

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Credentialing can be a serious stumbling block for many agencies.  It can make or break your reputation with your clients.  Stop pushing back starts and disappointing your partners!  Ready to create a well-oiled compliance and credentialing machine? 

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What our partners are saying about Moxie:

“Prior to the introduction of Moxie Mentoring’s travel nurse training curriculum, we had a lack of consistent, measurable training across our various locations. Since the beginning, Moxie has done a fantastic job in helping us to deliver a scalable, yet hands-on approach for onboarding our new travel nurse recruiters. They have been incredibly collaborative in their approach to ensure our organization’s recruiting philosophy, performance expectations, and culture are reflected in their program and our new hire’s professional development.

Because of Shari and Adam’s years of experience in the travel nursing industry, they were able to design a clear, practical approach to performing the work with real-life examples and best practices that resonate with our recruiters. They are seen as trusted, credible experts by new and tenured recruiters alike across our travel nursing divisions.

In short, Moxie Mentoring has helped give our new hire orientation the structure, scale, and approach necessary to quickly ramp recruiters from “new” to “productive”.”

Cole Reller, Primetime Healthcare, LLC

What our partners are saying about Moxie:

“One of the biggest challenges that you have as an agency is training your recruiters.  With rapid expansion, replacing turnover is something that takes place constantly.  Yet, the worst thing is to take your top recruiters and take them off the desk to do the training, so what do you do?  The alternative is bringing in professional trainers, that’s great but after they leave after a couple days, you’re stuck holding the bag. So, I was so excited to see the Moxie Mentoring professional online training modules.  WOW! They have solved a problem that the industry has had for years!”

Cynthia Kinnas, Founding Board Member, NATHO

What our partners are saying about Moxie:

Moxie Mentoring has been instrumental in improving out training program and ramp up speed of our new hire training classes.  By utilizing their online training platform we were able to successfully continue our growth initiative even during the pandemic.”

Jason A., COO, OneStaff Medical

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