Compliance & Credentialing Training

In healthcare staffing, your reputation is everything.

Credentialing can be a serious stumbling block for many agencies.  It can make or break your reputation with your clients.  Stop pushing back starts and disappointing your partners!  It’s time to create a well-oiled compliance and credentialing machine.

Your team needs detailed knowledge and effective strategies to get it right – every time. Moxie’s Compliance and Credentialing Program is here. By providing your team with efficient, accurate processes that work, we will make you a better partner to your facilities or MSP partners. Firms that are attentive to compliance and credentialing receive higher-tier status in supplier programs. Additionally, their candidates are often preferred over others. The competitive advantage earned by these firms allows them to grow market share at a more rapid rate than their competitors.


In our self-guided online program, participants learn why compliance and credentialing are so important, and how it impacts the quality of patient care. They also learn how to review medical records and read lab reports, discovering when specific types of medical laboratory tests are appropriate.  By the end of this course, your team will have detailed knowledge on industry standards, a strong grasp on their role in compliance and credentialing with healthcare workers, and strategies to work through the process quickly and accurately.  This program is set up on a subscription basis.  Please see below to select which model works best for you and/or your team!


  • CDC Guidelines
  • Joint Commission Requirements
  • Medical Records Review
  • Document Auditing & Review
  • Background Checks
  • Drug Screening
  • License and Certification Verification
  • Employment and Education Verification
  • Competency Testing
  • Skills Proficiency Testing
Team Learning

Does the program discuss all of the Joint Commission’s core requirements for certified agencies?

Yes, and more! All of the core Joint Commission requirements are included in the training in addition to many requirements which are considered standard best practices by the overwhelming majority of key stakeholders in the travel healthcare staffing industry.

What format is the training content in (e.g., videos, slides, etc.)?

The training material primarily consists of slides with voice-over audio. But, there are text documents included as well that can be downloaded by users for future reference. 

How long will it take to complete the course?

The course is generally best completed in a 1-week timeframe and requires approximately 10 hours to complete. Most participants find that a 1 or 2 week cadence for completion is ideal. However, it is a self-paced course and may be completed in a shorter, or longer period of time if desired.

Is this program useful for recruitment teams, or recruiters who also manage compliance and credentialing?

Yes! Many firms have used the training for their recruitment teams and have found it has improved the overall performance of their firm in this area and led to better communication and understanding between their recruitment and compliance teams. The result is a more efficient overall business solution to address this all-important element of the business – and happier clients!

Subscription Options, Pick your Plan: 

With each of our subscription plans, the users are interchangeable each month.  While you are limited to 4 (or 10) at a time, once they have completed training, you can switch them out for another trainee!  The monthly plans are auto-renewed and can be cancelled at any time, but you get a heck of a deal for committing annually! 

4 Users per month


$189.00 / month


$1799.00 / year

10 Users per month


$249.00 / month


$2599.00 / year

Compliance Training Workbook Cover

Compliance Workbook

Our Compliance Workbook was designed to accompany the program and is highly recommended, especially If you plan to move people through the program frequently.  It’s a “follow-as-you-go” workbook and will give trainees something to refer back to once they complete training if/when questions come up.

$49.00 / workbook

What our partners are saying about Moxie:

“Moxie Mentoring has brought experience, fundamental content, and structure to our training program. In addition, we have been allowed- and encouraged- to include our own content and ideas, making our program highly customized. Their follow-up and customer service is exceptional. We have already seen the results a great training program can provide and truly see Moxie Mentoring as a partner in our success.”

Vicki Ortmeier RN, BSN Corporate Trainer, Fusion Medical Staffing, LLC

What our partners are saying about Moxie:

“Shari is an invaluable resource in our preparation for the Joint Commission certification and annual review process. From answering questions, to providing guidance on preparation and process, Shari is a trusted resource that enables our firm to feel as prepared as possible. Her honest advice and candid feedback helps us identify where to improve and how to ensure we are ready for review.”

Avery B, Director of Operations, Nomad

What our partners are saying about Moxie:

I can’t thank you and your team enough!  I love having a partnership with Moxie, you speak into our philosophy and vision as an organization!”

ERICA GORDON, VP of Recruitment, TRS Healthcare

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