Travel Healthcare Recruiter Training

3 Week Online Workshop

Upcoming Sessions: February 1 – 22, June 7 – 28 and October 25 – November 15
All live sessions are on Tuesday’s at 11 a.m. CT

Learn how to successfully recruit TRAVEL NURSING and TRAVEL ALLIED HEALTH professionals with this 3-week online course from Moxie Mentoring that mixes video lessons, independent assignments, and instructor-led office hours coaching via live webcast.

Moxie’s experienced team of former recruiters delivers a training that is consistent with strategies and the language used in our travel healthcare staffing market. It was built FOR travel healthcare staffing recruiters BY travel healthcare staffing recruiters.

By the end of 3 weeks, you’ll learn proven strategies to boost productivity, decrease contract cancellations, and increase contract acceptance rates. The course will help you avoid common errors as you raise your profits. Everything we cover can be easily implemented into your recruitment cycle immediately.

Complete all the coursework and earn a Moxie Mentoring certificate of completion that you can share on your resume and on social media!

Online course features

Learn from exciting video lessons

Complete exercises

Participate in ongoing discussion threads

Weekly office hours with recruitment coaches

All live sessions are recorded and posted in the archives shortly after they happen, so you can view them when you have time.

Download Moxie training assets

You can also

Connect with your trainers for personalized feedback

Post your assignments to share with your training group

Find inspiration and community in ongoing discussions

See an overview of each week's resources, like articles, videos, and slides

Course Outline & Objectives

Each week, you’ll cover two essential topics and review them in weekly meetings with your coach.

Kickoff Meeting

Orientation to the Course | Current Market Overview

In this first live session, recruiters will learn how the course works and what they can expect each week.  Recruiters will gain insight to the healthcare staffing industry and learn about current market trends and challenges that exist.

Week 1

Prospecting | The Grind | Recruiter Metrics for Success

This week, recruiters will learn new and innovative ways to deliver prospecting  messages and strategiesfor calls, texting and emails that will yield higher return call rates. Recruiters will learn strategies for stayingmotivated and engaged in  the early recruitment process. They will learn the importance of setting daily,weekly, and monthly goals, as well as concepts to help them create processes for success and a foundationfor sustainable growth.

Week 2

Pitching With Confidence & Good Profit Margins I The 2-Step Close

In week 2, recruiters will learn how to prioritize prospects who are a good fit for the organization and have access to tools to better organize their pipeline as they grow their desk. In addition, they will learn the importance of prioritizing candidates and the time they invest in each one throughout the recruitment process. Recruiters will learn how to find better quality candidates for open positions and decrease back-outs and terminations.

Week 3

Pitching Pay With Confidence & Good Margins I The 2-Step Close

Properly pitching pay and doing so with confidence is key in our industry. Recruiters will understand the value of multiple options, not just order taking. Recruiters will be able to pitch 6-8 jobs based on value determined from Phase I-3. Recruiters will also learn the art of the pre-close to yield improved offer-acceptance rates. They will learn effective skills for recognizing candidate disengagement and for more accurately assessing candidate-interest in a position.

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