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“Imagine taking your very best healthcare recruiter’s process, that multi-million dollar a year biller, and dissecting it into clear, concise and repeatable steps that even the newest member of your team can grasp and immediately implement… this is what Moxie Mentoring can do for your organization.”

– Satisfied Client

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Our clients are highly talented, effective business people who are overwhelmed by the rapid growth of their business. They are pulling top sale people from the floor to train and mentor new hires. And worse, they are spending way too much money on training programs that are not industry specific.

That’s where we come in. With over 25 years of combined experience in the Healthcare Staffing Industry, Moxie Mentoring understands the challenges that you face.

Looking to enhance your current training? We can take what you are already doing and create a fresh and interactive and collaborative learning experience for your team.

No training at all? No problem, let us handle creating your training program, so you can focus on the continued growth of your firm.

On-Site Training
  • Certify an internal resource and expert who can lead training sessions for new employees throughout the year.
  • Customized branding of training resources.
  • We work 1 on 1 with your trainer to develop customized solutions, as well as consult with management to allow your goals to shape the training sessions.
  • Full review of course planning and goals.
  • Guiding trainers through adult learning methods and strategies.
  • Access to complete library of Moxie training materials.
  • A la carte training development available based on your company’s specific needs.
Online Training
  • Premium high-touch learning experience.
  • Unlike any other online training program.
  • Interactive online workshops.
  • Open discussion boards.
  • Collaborative exercises.
  • Quiz and assessments to ensure retention and promote engagements with materials.
  • Intensive ongoing coaching experience.
  • Developing VMS partnerships
  • Heavy involvement with a Moxie training and weekly office hours.

Recruiters Training 101 – Travel Healthcare Recruiting Fundamentals. Concepts of recruitment in travel healthcare staffing.
Prerequisites: Little to no industry experience.

Advanced Recruiter Training 201 – Sales Cycle Concepts and Strategies. Keeping up with market trends, revitalizing your pipeline, leveraging social media.
Prerequisites: Experienced recruiters with 6+ months of experience looking to take their recruiting capabilities to the next level.

Customized Sales Seminars –
Is your team struggling with a specific topic? We will partner with you to build a seminar to meet your needs and get your team running on all cylinders.

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