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Online Training Program for Travel Healthcare Recruiters

The success of your company depends on efficient recruitment. At Moxie, we have the solution.

We developed our best-in-class recruiter training programs on fundamental principles of behavioral and cognitive psychology and adult learning concepts. Better yet, our program was built by recruiters who have done the job.  We talk the talk because we have walked the walked.  Recruiters can take exactly what they learn in training and use it immediately … there’s nothing left to interpret! 


  • Development of unique messaging for outbound prospecting using a variety of communication to improve response rates. 
  • Create awareness and encourage self-discipline needed to properly qualify clinicians and invest time on those who are a good organizational fit. 
  • Improved attitude and mindset. 
  • Stronger candidate marketing internally and externally.
  • Structured approach to candidate pipeline management.
  • Confident approach to pitching travel pay packages.
  • Structured closing of candidates prior to submittal and upon offer-acceptance.
  • Methodical approach to Onboarding & Customer Experience
  • Increased retention of clinical staff.
Recruiter at work
Step 1: Complete contact form and request program demo.

The contact form can be found here. You will be required to provide the following information: first and last name, name of organization, contact information, timeline for implementation. You will also need to complete a non-disclosure agreement which will be provided by separate correspondance.

Step 2: Select Program Option

Review program options to determine which best suits your organization’s requirement. Key differences are:

  • Content Access (full or limited)
  • New Course Access (full, limited, restricted)
  • Active-user limits (calculated monthly based on login activity)
  • Program Pricing
Step 3: Complete service agreement

The annual service agreement will be provided after steps 1 and 2 are completed.

Step 4: Complete implementation training

A product specialist will meet with you and members of your training team to provide an overview of program administration prior to your program launch.

Step 5: Program Launch

Once you’ve completed the program implementation call you are ready to launch. You and other team members with administrative permissions can add users to your program and begin using the program immediately!

Program Options:

Recruiter Program

Enterprise Tier 1

Annual-license subscription granting full access to Moxie’s proprietary learning management system (LMS). Includes all existing content and any new content releases during the subscription period. Up to 200 active-users per month limit. Additional fees apply when monthly active-user limit is exceeded. 

Enterprise Tier 2

All of the benefits of Tier 2 plan with a monthly active-user limit of 70. Additional fees apply when monthly active-user limit is exceeded.

Enterprise Tier 3

Annual-license subscription granting limited content access to Moxie’s proprietary learning management system (LMS) (may select up to 6 core curricula). Limited access to new courses released during the subscription period. Up to 35 active-users per month. Additional fees apply when monthly active-user limit is exceeded.

Enterprise Tier 4

Annual-license subscription granting limited access to Moxie’s proprietary learning management system (LMS) (may select up to 6 core curricula). Up to 20 active-users per month. Additional fees apply when monthly active-user limit is exceeded.


I have a trainer, will you train-my-trainer if we opt for the Enterprise-level recruiter training program?

Absolutely!  We want them to love the platform as much as we do so we often spend time with trainers ensuring they are comfortable and ready to jump into the program with your teams. We stay very hands-on with all of our clients to ensure they have what they need every step of the way!

Are there any training resources provided in your recruiter training program?

Yes! Not only are there a ton of video lessons, but there are pdf’s that students can download and save to their desktop, links to great blogs and outside resources, and even discussion boards where they can communicate with their peers. 

How long is the recruiter training program?

This varies by program. Contact your Moxie representative for more details. 

What is your approach to recruitment?

We believe success in recruiting travel healthcare professionals is about building strong relationships. And, of course, having a lot of Moxie!

Moxie Love

What our partners are saying about Moxie:

Adam and the Moxie team provide our recruiters with industry-best training. The detail they’ve put into building their program is phenomenal. It is comprehensive and built using the same language other professionals in the space are familiar with. Alternative training solutions out there for staffing firms simply don’t translate to the travel healthcare staffing market the way the Moxie training program does. And to top things off, they now offer an online training platform. It’s obvious the Moxie team clearly understands the challenges agencies face when it comes to training their front-line sales/recruitment team! Now we’re able to train our recruiters AND keep our top performers doing what they do best-Recruiting! I highly recommend Moxie Mentoring’s on-site and ONLINE recruiter training program to any healthcare staffing firm looking to give their recruiters a competitive advantage!”

Cole Reller, Primetime Healthcare, LLC

What our partners are saying about Moxie:

“Adam is a tremendous training resource for any staffing firm to utilize for there Recruiters! Moxie has become a partner in my business and I would be confident in referring Adam [Moxie…] and his team to anyone!”

Jeremy Enck, President & CRO, Fortus Healthcare

What our partners are saying about Moxie:

When deciding to move forward with the Moxie training, the owner and I realized that it really boiled down to 3 important components:  it’s easy to use/easy to follow with step-by-step modules, the founders of the company come from a credible background in the industry and truly KNOW the recruiter life-cycle, and it’s old school enough to have the foundation rooted in what has worked BEFORE but progressive enough to put into motion what works NOW.

Tate Bailey, Dir or Recruitment, MedUS Healthcare

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