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What is Moxie?

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Moxie Recruiter Training supports travel healthcare staffing agencies nationwide.

Moxie offers a comprehensive online training solution for Travel Healthcare Recruiters. Moxie is committed to providing firms with a competitive advantage in today’s travel healthcare market.  Our program is unique because we’ve done the job!  We know what it takes to be effective and drive productivity.

Moxie Love

What our partners are saying about Moxie:

“Moxie Mentoring has been life changing in many ways. It’s allowed me to grow my interpersonal skills coupled with my recruiting skills to levels I never thought were achievable. I remember when I started the program I had 0 travelers on my desk and said, “Wow how will I ever get to 10 or even 5!” With the help from Moxie, I’ve been able to scale not only my business but become a leader within my company and share my experience with others.

You guys are GREAT and I thank you for all that you do!”

Cody M. Fortus Healthcare Resources, Recruiting Team Manager

What our partners are saying about Moxie:

“Adam and the Moxie team provide our recruiters with industry-best training. The detail they’ve put into building their program is phenomenal. It is comprehensive and built using the same language other professionals in the space are familiar with. Alternative training solutions out there for staffing firms simply don’t translate to the travel healthcare staffing market the way the Moxie training program does. And to top things off, they now offer an online training platform. It’s obvious the Moxie team clearly understands the challenges agencies face when it comes to training their front-line sales/recruitment team! Now we’re able to train our recruiters AND keep our top performers doing what they do best-Recruiting! I highly recommend Moxie Mentoring’s on-site and ONLINE recruiter training program to any healthcare staffing firm looking to give their recruiters a competitive advantage!”

Cole Reller, Primetime Healthcare, LLC

What our partners are saying about Moxie:

“Adam is a tremendous training resource for any staffing firm to utilize for there Recruiters! Moxie has become a partner in my business and I would be confident in referring Adam [Moxie…] and his team to anyone!”

Jeremy Enck, President & CRO, Fortus Healthcare

What our partners are saying about Moxie:

“When deciding to move forward with the Moxie training, the owner and I realized that it really boiled down to 3 important components:  it’s easy to use/easy to follow with step-by-step modules, the founders of the company come from a credible background in the industry and truly KNOW the recruiter life-cycle, and it’s old school enough to have the foundation rooted in what has worked BEFORE but progressive enough to put into motion what works NOW.”

Tate Bailey, Director of Recruitment, MedUS Healthcare

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