Improving Your Reach in the Internet Era

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By: Shari Dalton

May 23, 2018

By: Jason Chafik, Chief Rainmaker at Wanderly

The Past

The healthcare staffing recruiters from twenty years ago had limited tools to put into their tool box, and as a result, their reach was limited. They cut their teeth with a stack of resumes and a landline as they were wholly reliant upon the company they were working for purchasing leads. The recruiters that would last in the industry were able to improve their reach despite limited communication technology. Fast forward to today and recruiters have numerous tools to help shape their brand.


In today’s current market recruiters don’t have to solely rely on the cold call. Relationships and the ability to communicate on the phone are still extremely important to be successful as a recruiter, but the proper use of technology can expand their reach and visibility exponentially. Always being present and speed are two items that directly help with expanding both.

A common trend you will notice in various social media groups is that nurses/healthcare professionals want to get pay package information as soon as possible. So, the question is how do recruiters grow their reach while getting pay package information out to the travel nursing community as quickly as possible. A commonly used tool in today’s industry is for recruiters to send out mass text messages to nurses using a texting app like TextUs or Google Text. This solves the speed problem, but it doesn’t help improve reach. That is where Wanderly comes in.

The Future

Every nurse has the ability to search for pay packages within the Wanderly platform. With this, each recruiter who displays their pay packages on the platform is given a far greater reach as their pay packages will be visible on their system, in various social media sites and Google jobs. Visibility and transparency from recruiters is vital for staying power in the travel nursing industry. When a nurse does not have to question whether he/she has been given all of the information about the pay package and position, trust is instantly built. Trust is a direct result of transparency, and now there is a platform that promotes this key aspect of recruiting.

The use of technology is able to help recruiters in the digital age come in to contact with more nurses/healthcare professionals than ever before. It also lets recruiters get job and pay package information out to the nurses they are working with in a speedy manner. Why is this important? Because the travel nursing industry is still a customer-service based industry! The recruiters and companies that address the pain points of the nurses are the ones that will have long-lasting success. If used properly, technology will help facilitate a higher level of customer service that will only benefit all parties involved.

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