Recruiters: Stop Feeling Intimidated!

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By: Shari Dalton

January 4, 2018

By: Shari Dalton

One of the coolest things about our role at Moxie is the opportunity to meet with and learn about other companies in our industry.  For so long, we were very limited by our experience at the agencies we had worked at.  With some clients we’ve really been able and encouraged to immerse ourselves into their culture and sit along side their recruiters and client managers.

We also started a networking group in the Omaha metro called Staffing Sessions.  We invite most of the companies in the metro to attend a free learning and networking session.  Typically, we speak on a topic for 20-25 minutes, set aside 10-15 minutes for questions, and then knock back a few drinks and enjoy each others company.

At these events, attendees from every agency starts at their own table, and by the time we wrap up our q/a they begin to mingle and chat with each other.  I love this!  They aren’t sitting around talking about which company is better and why.  They are typically sharing their experiences and sometimes offering advice.  You see, whether you want to admit it or not, no one is reinventing the wheel for the healthcare staffing industry.  The processes are the same, but company execution and strategy can vary.

These recruiters, client managers, and sometimes managers and owners who attend, are committed to their craft.  They are committed to creating a better experience for their travelers and clients.  They are committed to learning new and different ways of doing business and are open to the experience and the process.  And that is exactly why we do what we do.

Yes, they come to maybe learn a little something that they hadn’t heard before or as a refresher for a best practice they are already using.  But do you know what most of them walk away with?  A re-instilled sense of confidence.  Because you see, we are all the same.  We all have many of the same struggles in our jobs.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve done the job, there will always be struggles and successes.

You should never be intimidated when you hear that your traveler is working with other agencies or when your client tells you that they are signed with multiple agencies to fill their needs.  Everyone has something different to offer. And those who are willing to learn and grow, are better than the next recruiter or company who is not willing.

So the next time you hop on the phone and are feeling a little intimidated, don’t!  Continue to learn and hone your craft.  You have the ability to be great at this job-stay committed to learning and to the process!  If you’re intimidated by anything, be intimidated by the fear of being average!

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